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Happy island water park

on the 16th of November I went to happy island for my little sisters” Birthday we went on bright slides they were green and orange in the middle there was red. my cousins and I went swimming, after swimming we ate snacks and drank col-drinks then my dad and my uncle, went to the shops to go buy food my cousins. We ate burgers and chips, then we had wings and chips with cold drinks my moms friend went to the shops to buy her kids and us doughnuts. After the party we had pizza then we sang a song for my little sister, then my dad cut the cake for my family. On my 16th birthday my mom made a invitation the theme was black with a touch of gold. My cousin and my sister were wearing black pants with and white shirts with silver bow ties. We served people wine with wine glasses they were silver and gold, the Champaign were with Gold eatable gold blue berry’s inside the glass we also had starts for snacking and desert with milk tart and at the bottom of the dish the was tennis cookies with straw berry jelly and custard on top vanilla.

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