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Ethans guide to soccer

I have played soccer for 9 years and I want to tell you how to play soccer and the position so the positions. OK I am left wing but I can play every position on the field except goal keeper. so I think people should work 110 percent every time and I like that I am left footed so I can play on the left side of the field.i can play right side of the field but i prefer left wing. so bought what i was saying i would play a different sport. but i think that i am meant to play soccer so if i had to play rugby i would not be able to play i would brake my neck so i love soccer i want to be a professional soccer player. okay lets get into the positions okay there is left wing there is right wing, goal keeper, striker, and defender there is 3 defenders and 2 strikers there is 3 midfield. and one goalkeeper if you are tired you can get of the field and then you have a substitute so you can get a breather and if you are tired you can put your hand up and they will take you off the field. i am going to be a soccer player for the rest of my life so i think you should play soccer and play as hard as you can so i hope you enjoyed my story and you have fun and speak next time follow me…

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